Too early to grant Market Economy Status to China

vrijdag 31 juli 2015   China believes that the expiry of an article in its Accession Protocol to the World Trade Organisation at the end of 2016 will automatically lead to it being granted Market Economy Status. But for the EU to grant China MES, the EU would need to change its anti-dumping regulations, a procedure that would take almost a year. Such an EU decision would therefore have to be taken by the end of 2015.

IndustriAll Europe’s analysis is that it would seem to be too early today to grant MES to China. Indeed, granting MES to China when it does not meet the technical criteria to be considered a market economy would be devastating for a number of manufacturing sectors in the EU as the possibility to impose anti-dumping measures on cheap Chinese imports would then largely disappear. The emphasis should be on creating a level playing field between the EU and China where workers do not fall victim to unfair trade practices.

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