Steering Committee statement on AST Terni and Police Violence
30 October 2014   The struggle continues against the drastic cost-cutting plan of the ThyssenKrupp management following their reacquisition of AST Terni. When a demonstration moved from the German Embassy to the Italian Ministry of Industry, the demonstrators were violently attacked on two occasions by the Italian police. These attacks were of an extremely aggressive and unprovoked nature. IndustriAll Europe strongly condemns these unprovoked attacks and the extreme violence used by the Italian police and condoned by the Ministry of Internal Affairs. read more

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Employers challenge right to strike in ILO
30 October 2014   The employers have challenged the right to strike in the International Labour Organisation. They deny that ILO convention 87 recognises the right to strike. The trade union group has decided to take the case to the International Court of Justice. A decision will be made in the ILO governing body meeting from 30 October to 13 November. The trade unions demand support from governments and employers to recognise the right to strike. read more

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Ermenek Mining Accident: Call to sign ILO Convention 176
29 October 2014   IndustriAll Europe is shocked to learn of the accident in the hard coal mine at Ermenek in the Karaman province in Turkey where 18 miners are still trapped underground due to the immense flooding that occurred yesterday. This tragic accident occurring just six months after the Soma tragedy makes us extremely angry as we deem every mining accident to be preventable if adequate precautions are taken. Once again, this highlights the urgency for the Turkish government to tackle health and safety issues and sign the ILO Convention 176 without further delay! read more

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European Competitiveness Report 2014 - Along the road from recession to reindustrialization
27 October 2014   The 2014 Competitiveness Report of the European Commission analyses the growth of firms as a key element for economic recovery and makes a number of interesting observations and recommendations for decision-makers. IndustriAll Europe is looking forward to seeing how, in their different work programs, the new Commissioners will tackle the tremendous economic, technological and employment-related challenges with which European industry is being confronted. read more

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European Council adopts 2030 Climate and Energy Policy Framework
24 October 2014   At yesterday’s European Council meeting, the EU Heads of State and governments agreed on the 2030 climate and energy policy framework for the European Union. IndustriAll Europe generally agrees with the goals to combat climate change but is concerned about the lack of binding national targets and failure to address several very important issues. read more

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