Still far away from social Europe...
27 March 2015   Poverty and social exclusion have risen over recent years in most Member States as can be clearly seen from the annual report on the social situation in the EU ''Social Europe: Aiming for inclusive growth". Long-term unemployment and low employment opportunities for youth (15-24) and young adults (24-35) are amongst the major challenges in the EU labour market. It is noted that poverty and social exclusion are affecting particularly the working age population and, by extension, children. Compared to the last year‘s edition, there is a more mixed picture across the EU with a number of social trends identified in at least one third of all Member States. read more

Collective Bargaining 

Policy Brief - Quantitative Easing?
24 March 2015   On Thursday 22 January Mario Draghi, President of the European Central Bank (ECB), unveiled the details of its long awaited programme of quantitative easing (QE) in order to revitalize the Eurozone economy and counter deflation. The size of the programme was much larger than expected as combined monthly purchases of private sector assets and sovereign bonds will amount to 60 billion per month and at least 1.1 trillion in total. They are intended to be carried out from March to at least September 2016 and in any case until such time as the inflation rate in the Eurozone is again close to two per cent. read more

Industrial Policy 

CJEU judgement guarantees right to restrict temporary agency work in collective agreements
19 March 2015   The Court of Justice of the EU passed judgment on 17 March regarding interpretation of the Temporary Agency Work Directive provisions on restriction of the use of TWA. The CJEU ruling confirms the right to restrict TWA in order to protect workers’ interests rather than allow subordination of the TWA Directive to economic freedoms. It is a complete victory for the Finnish trade unions, who took the case to court, and the whole of the European trade union movement, in that the Court has guaranteed the autonomous right of the social partners to regulate the use of TWA in collective agreements. read more

Collective Bargaining 

Re-launching Social Dialogue: Commission and Social Partners prepare for future challenges
06 March 2015   On 5 March 2015 the European Commission invited the European Social Partners at cross-industry and sectoral levels to a High-Level Conference with the objective of discussing A new start for social dialogue. After having witnessed an increasing reduction in support for the Sectoral Social Dialogue Committees in recent times, industriAll Europe very much welcomed this initiative by the European Commission and is hopeful that the ideas and recommendations shared at the Conference will prove to be more than mere lip-service. read more

Social Dialogue 

IWD message 8 March 2015: Our fight is your fight - Equality now
05 March 2015   This is the commitment from industriAll Europe’s Equal Opportunities Work Group in a video message to working women everywhere on the occasion of International Women’s Day 2015. IndustriAll Europe calls on unions, governments, policy-makers and business to adopt an economic agenda for women to increase women’s access to decent work, tackle structural barriers to their effective participation in the labour force and lift women and families out of poverty. IndustriAll Europe joins ITUC in saying “After centuries of counting on women, it is time to count women in!” Count Us In to the economy, to the labour force, to decision-making and to leadership!” Happy International Women’s Day 2015. read more

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