Non-compliant products destroy industrial jobs!
30 November 2016   European laws on industrial products, and their associated technical standards, achieve decent results in terms of safety, environmental protection, and industrial efficiency. However, they can only be effective and ensure a level playing field in the Single Market for goods if market surveillance is properly enforced. While the consumer is adequately protected against safety risks, industrial jobs are not protected against the illegal behaviour of non-compliant players. read more

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Stop violence against women at work & at home!
25 November 2016   On the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women, industriAll European Trade Union reaffirms its commitment to combat injustices in society and pursue gender equality. Gender-based violence is a consequence as well as a cause of persistent inequalities between women and men. IndustriAll Europe denounces austerity measures and restrictions in public expenditure which primarily have an impact on women. The gender gap risks becoming a bottomless abyss of economic and social discrimination where women are confined to precarious work. The result is financial dependence on men, which in turn increases macho dominance and propagates sexism towards women. read more

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Skills & Qualifications in the Pulp & Paper Sector
24 November 2016   Today and tomorrow skill needs of the European Industry require updating the education and training offer. The European Social Partners in the Pulp and Paper Sector, CEPI and industriAll Europe, presented a set of policy recommendations that should contribute to a more comprehensive skills strategy in Europe. These recommendations are the result of an extensive research project carried out over the last 2 years. The project was triggered by the observation of profound changes in the industry. Social partners’ agenda was therefore to ensure that the European Paper sector has an adequately skilled workforce. read more

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Long-awaited breakthrough in trade defence against China
23 November 2016   industriAll Europe appreciates the efforts of the Commission in finding a compromise regarding the very sensitive issue of granting Market Economy Status (MES) to China. Nevertheless, it remains of the opinion that to be effective it is necessary to maintain the ability for European industry to have recourse to an analogue country methodology without being obliged to deliver the burden of proof in dealing with anti-dumping cases against non-cooperative and non-transparent jurisdictions. Furthermore, this is completely in line with international agreements. Section 15 of the Accession Protocol of China to the WTO clearly states that a methodology ‘that is not based on…domestic prices or costs in China’ can be used unlike cases where ‘the producers under investigation can clearly show that market economy conditions prevail in the industry (under investigation)’. read more

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Caterpillar: European workers, taking action in Geneva, say Stop the social and industrial CATastrophe!
18 November 2016   Today, hundreds of Caterpillar workers from numerous European countries convened in Geneva, at the company’s European headquarters, to protest vehemently against the plans to close plants and cut jobs. Heeding the call of their trade unions and united under the auspices of industriAll Europe, workers from Belgium, the United Kingdom, France, Italy, and Germany made their voices heard by the management of the multinational company, who had never been confronted with a transnational demonstration before. read more

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