Greece needs investment and respect of social rights
31 August 2015   Investment, innovation and respect of social rights are the key factors for a successful recovery of growth and employment in Greece, not destruction of social protection and labour laws. IndustriAll Europe and Global declare their continued solidarity with Greek workers and unions during a solidarity mission to Athens. read more

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Commission reiterates call for assets for Frontex operation
14 August 2015   The European Commission repeated its call for EU countries to commit assets needed for the Frontex Joint Operation Poseidon on 14 August. In this context, industriAll European Trade Union would like to refer to its declaration, approved at its Executive Committee on 9 June, which calls for the immediate restoration of EU-funded search and rescue operations similar to the Mare Nostrum programme. read more

IndustriAll Europe against proposed UK Trade Union Bill
14 August 2015   Industriall European Trade Union and IndustriALL Global Union have joined forces to condemn UK government proposals that would, if approved in the House of Parliament, undermine trade unions’ fundamental rights to organise themselves and to strike. read more

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Too early to grant Market Economy Status to China
31 July 2015   China believes that the expiry of an article in its Accession Protocol to the World Trade Organisation at the end of 2016 will automatically lead to it being granted Market Economy Status. But for the EU to grant China MES, the EU would need to change its anti-dumping regulations, a procedure that would take almost a year. Such an EU decision would therefore have to be taken by the end of 2015. read more

Enpay workers in Turkey continue to suffer violations of their rights
27 July 2015   The Turkish company Enpay, which produces transformer components, is continuing to sack workers (up to 25) and to put unacceptable pressure on other workers that are exercising their fundamental right to join the trade union of their choice. read more

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