Railway Committee against attacks on trade union rights in UK
24 November 2015   The Railway Equipment Manufacturing ad-hoc Working Group notes with grave concern the horrendous proposals being presented to the UK Parliament by the Conservative Government, as contained within the Trade Union Bill 2015. read more

Rail Regions British region 

Support and solidarity for British steelworkers and unions rally in Sheffield on 21 November
20 November 2015   IndustriAll Europe would like to express its support to the protesting steelworkers, their families and their unions. We strongly condemn the recent announcements made in the British steel industry which threaten thousands of jobs and will have severe repercussions on the steel communities and regions. The struggle of the British unions is also ours! read more

Industrial Policy Steel & Basic Metals Regions British region 

Italy: Unions strike following tragic accident at the Ilva plant in Taranto
20 November 2015   On 17 November 2015 the IndustriAll Europe Basic Metals Committee met in Taranto (Italy). The European delegation was informed of the tragic accident at the Ilva plant in Taranto in which Cosimo Martucci, a worker from the Pitrelli company, lost his life. IndustriAll Europe expresses deepest condolences to the worker's family, his loved ones and all his colleagues, and fully supports the strike called today by FIM, FIOM and UILM. read more

Steel & Basic Metals Regions Southern region 

industriAll Europe and industriALL Global Union grieve with France
15 November 2015   industriAll Europe and IndustriALL Global Union, together representing more than 50 million workers around the world, condemn Friday´s terrorist attacks in Paris, France. Ulrich Eckelmann, general secretary of industriAll Europe and Jyrki Raina, general secretary of IndustriALL Global Union, say in one voice that they stand with the people of France: "industriAll European and industriALL Global Union are shaken and appalled at the awful terror attacks on innocent people in Paris. We grieve with our comrades in France, and the rest of the world over this meaningless attack, and offer our deepest and heartfelt condolences with the victims and their bereaved families." read more

Regions South Western egion 

Unions call on G20 to reduce inequality
13 November 2015   Creating jobs and reducing income inequality must be central to the G20 inclusive growth agenda, being staged on November 15 in Turkey. The G20 committed to raise GDP by 2.1 % above the trajectory implied by current policies by 2018. At this point, the G20 is off-target. Slowing growth in emerging economies and the appearance of deflation in Europe represent major risks to jobs and living standards. Growth in many economies has stalled due to fiscal austerity and stagnant incomes of working families. The limits to austerity are reflected by the rejection of such policies by citizens in the G20 and beyond. read more

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