Terni workers pay the price for ill-advised EU decisions
06 August 2014   Management has announced the reduction of 550 workplaces in the steelworks, together with organisational changes at Acciai Speciali Terni (AST). The current situation at AST is the consequence of the failure of the industrial plan envisaged by the EU DG Competition, aimed at consolidating the European Stainless Steel sector. IndustriAll Europe urges ThyssenKrupp to withdraw its restructuring plan and engage in a constructive dialogue with the workers’ representatives. read more

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GE Netherlands protest: What do we want? Work...
31 July 2014   industriAll Europe’s Dutch affiliate, FNV Bondgenoten, informs about the closure of the GE Centre of Excellence. This 112-year-old company is being closed down for no good reason, as it is both profitable and with an excellent track record. The closure makes a mockery of GE's slogan, "Be inspired, think local." It also demonstrates GE’s narrow self-interest over the well-being of its employees. read more

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Can Europe still be saved?
25 July 2014   In their publication "Can Europe still be saved?" leading representatives of the German trade unions explore the fault lines and the orientation of European austerity policy from different angles. The debate on the future of Europe cannot be limited purely to German national level and must be held Europe-wide. For this reason, an English edition of this publication has now also been launched. IndustriAll Europe is supporting the debate on a "New path for Europe" and on how "To put industry back to work". read more

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IndustriAll Europe firmly rejects inclusion of special privileges for investors in TTIP
22 July 2014   industriAll Europe is opposed to the inclusion of an ISDS clause (Investor-to-State Dispute Settlement mechanism) in the US and EU negotiated TTIP (Transatlantic Trade and Investment Pact), the free trade agreement ‘of the next generation’. industriAll Europe calls on the Commission to make use of the results of its stakeholder consultation to launch a public debate on international protection of investors in the WTO and the UN. This debate should not only be about investor protection but also about investor obligations. read more

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Serbian Trade Unions protest Labour Law changes
18 July 2014   IndustriAll Europe’s Serbian affiliates, GS IER Nezavisnost and SSMS, called a General Strike on Thursday 17 July 2014 in protest against the planned changes to the labour law that will, if passed in the Parliament, increase the precariousness of the workers in Serbia. The two Serbian confederations UGC Nezavisnost and SSSS have asked the Government and Parliament to withdraw the proposed changes to the Labour Law, Law on Privatisation, Law on Bankruptcy, Law on Pensions and Disability Insurance. "These laws are extremely important for workers in Serbia", said Milorad Panović, President of GS IER Nezavisnost "but..." read more

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