industriAll Europe urges the new Commission to deliver on the promised social Europe
22 October 2014   industriAll Europe welcomes the new European Commission that was voted in today by a broad majority of the European Parliament. In his speech to the Parliament ahead of the vote, the European Commission’s President-elect Jean-Claude Juncker (EPP, LU) promised to strengthen the social dimension of Europe, saying that he wanted a “triple A rating for European Social standards”. read more

Sweden: Stefan Löfven will work for Social Progress
17 October 2014   The new government of Sweden, led by Prime Minister Stefan Löfven from the Social Democratic Party and former President of IF Metall, took office on the 3rd of October. Of the ministers in the government, 18 are from the Social Democratic party and 6 from the Green Party. It is a minority government and it will have to seek broad support in the Parliament, both from the left and the right. The statement of government policy announced by the Prime Minister on 3 October, outlines the government’s political will and orientation. Main focus is on jobs, school and welfare. read more

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Acciai Speciali Terni : Message of Solidarity to Italian Trade Unions
16 October 2014   IndustriAll Europe supports the general strike of October 17th and the fight of the Italian unions against the drastic cost cutting plan presented by the ThyssenKrupp management that re-acquired the Terni site after the intervention of the European antitrust authorities. This plan is totally unacceptable. It will jeopardise the industrial future of the biggest stainless steel producing site in the EU and will have drastic repercussions, both on direct and indirect employment. read more

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Young workers describe “emergency situation” to all major European Parliament groups
15 October 2014   Young trade union shop stewards working in some of the key sectors of Europe’s economy – including transport, public services, food production, retail, metal, and media and the arts – drew a full crowd in the European Parliament on Tuesday 14 October to describe the dire reality facing young workers and jobseekers today. To further the aims of the youth employment campaign led by six European trade union federations titled “Enough of their crisis – Back to our future”, the young workers from across Europe – many of whom were visiting the European Parliament for the first time – demanded concrete actions, rather than mere good intentions, from their hosting Members of the European Parliament (MEPs) and the new Juncker-led European Commission. read more

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AS Terni proceeds with dismissals and withdrawal from all collective company agreements
10 October 2014   On the night of 8th - 9th October, negotiations were interrupted during talks with the government regarding the dispute between AS Terni and FIM-FIOM-UILM, leaving no opportunity for mediation by the Italian government. The company called for cuts in wages and working rights, as well as dismissals, with the intention of making the workers pay for all the mistakes made by the management over the past few years. During the dispute, FIM-FIOM-UILM presented alternative proposals. read more

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