Enpay workers in Turkey continue to suffer violations of their rights
27 July 2015   The Turkish company Enpay, which produces transformer components, is continuing to sack workers (up to 25) and to put unacceptable pressure on other workers that are exercising their fundamental right to join the trade union of their choice. read more

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Greek workers need jobs and investment, not even more self-defeating austerity
24 July 2015   After the European Union managed to reach a last-minute agreement preventing Greece from an uncontrolled exit from the Eurozone (Grexit), it is now high time to work on stabilising the Greek economy, promoting investments and creating new jobs. Only then will Greece be able to move out of an economic slump that has been worse than the Great Depression. read more

IndustriAll Europe calls on Enpay to reinstate 23 sacked workers
22 July 2015   IndustriAll European Trade Union has signed a letter with IndustriALL Global calling on Enpay Endüstriyel Pazarlama ve Yatırım A.Ş to respect union rights and freedoms at its plant and to reinstate 23 sacked workers. read more

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Commission tables ETS reform proposal
16 July 2015   The European Commission proposals to revise the EU’s Emissions Trading System, which were tabled on 15 July, are sure to affect sectors where industriAll European Trade Union’s affiliates are active. Key issues from a trade union perspective include the allocation of emission allowances and the promotion of skills for the low carbon economy. read more


IndustriAll questions European Commission’s Better Regulation Programme
15 July 2015   The Commission’s ‘Better Regulation for Better Results – An EU Agenda’ Programme is supposed to increase the overall transparency of EU decision-making procedures and to avoid unnecessary implementation costs (especially for SMEs). However, a new policy brief by industriAll Europe points out that the number of new boards that will check the ‘policy fitness’ of EU legislation in order to accomplish this aim could instead lead to the deregulation of economic policies and put major trade union achievements in jeopardy. It also points out that the achievement of workers’ rights such as health and safety regulations and information and consultation rights are currently under attack. read more

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