Support social dialogue... will EC Vice-President Timmermans remember?
17 April 2015   At a time when the European Commission is experiencing a crisis in legitimacy, at a time when unemployment, and in particular youth unemployment, have reached unacceptable levels and job losses continue rising inexorably, at a time of transition in the European society and economy at large, it would be most unwise for the European Commission not to continue strengthening the role of the European sectoral social partners and further facilitate the dialogue between them. IndustriAll Europe strongly believes that European sectoral social dialogue is key in terms of achieving a Social Triple-A rating. read more

Social Dialogue 

Safran: New European Framework Agreement on developing skills and career paths
02 April 2015   On 28 March industriAll Europe signed a European Framework Agreement with the French company Safran on developing vocational skills and career paths. The agreement contains some common principles that will form the basis for action plans to be developed at local company level as well as a set of best practices identified during the preparation phase of the agreement. Deputy General Secretary Bart Samyn stated that “IndustriAll Europe is convinced that this is a good agreement but we will have to remain vigilant in order to ensure rapid implementation in full in all countries in Europe”. read more

Company Policy 

Successful lobbying results in EU anti-dumping duties on SSCR imports
02 April 2015   The European Commission has imposed provisional anti-dumping duties of up to 25.2% on stainless steel cold-rolled flat (SSCR) imports from PR China and 12.9% on SSCR imports from Taiwan following a complaint filed by Eurofer. IndustriAll Europe also sent a strong letter to the Commission in support of anti-dumping measures. The Commission’s investigation confirmed that imports of SSCR from the two countries were being sold at dumped prices, causing significant damage to the EU stainless steel industry. An anti-subsidy investigation against SSCR imports from China is also underway. read more

Industrial Policy Steel & Basic Metals 

Equal Pay Day 2015
02 April 2015   The industriAll Europe Equal Opportunities Working Group has adopted Resolution in respect of Equal Pay Day 2015. Equal Pay Day takes place every year to call attention to the fact that women are still paid lower wages than men. This worldwide event marks the extra number of days that women would need to work to match the amount earned by men - currently around 59 days on EU average. It is celebrated in European countries on different days according to the national gender pay gap read more

Collective Bargaining Equal Opportunities 

Fighting tax evasion – Unia calls for an exchange of information
31 March 2015   Switzerland needs to help the Greek government to swiftly recover evaded taxes. Unia, the Swiss trade union, an affiliate of industriAll Europe, is calling on the Swiss government to support Greece in getting over its debt crisis and to offer the long overdue automatic exchange of information on Greek assets. read more

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