European Parliament develops an industrial strategy for the rail supply industry
29 August 2016   The European Parliament adopted last 9th June - by overwhelming majority - a Resolution on the ‘Competitiveness of the European rail supply industry’. The Resolution was drafted by German MEP Martina Werner (SPD) with a view to developing an ambitious industrial policy for this strategic sector. Indeed, rail transport is key in terms of reducing transport emissions and road congestion, connecting regions and cities and offering sustainable mobility solutions. The European rail sector also accounts for almost half of the global production of rolling stock, rail infrastructure and signalling systems. It is a top exporter and has a leading position in advanced technologies. The sector offers quality jobs to 400,000 workers. read more

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UK Offshore workers on strike over salaries and working conditions at Wood Group
26 July 2016   Today, our affiliated trade unions, Unite the union and RMT, that are organised in the Wood Group are going on a 24-hour strike, over an unresolved dispute concerning working conditions and pay cuts. Wood Group is operating maintenance work on Shell Offshore Oil and Gas Platforms in the Brent Field on the North Sea. Using the decrease of oil prices as a justification, Wood Group’s management decided to cut salaries by 30% and change from a 2-week to a 3-week working cycle. read more

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Commission postpones final decision on Market Economy Status for China
25 July 2016   When China joined the WTO in December 2001, a transitional arrangement for its accession allowed for the treatment of China as a non-market economy (NME) in anti-dumping proceedings. China’s current NME status offers the possibility to use prices of a comparable surrogate country rather than domestic prices (which are often artificially low due to state intervention) to compute the dumping margin (the standard dumping margin is the difference between the domestic price and the export price). The use of NME methodologies is described in Section 15 of the Chinese WTO Accession Protocol, but some of the provisions will expire on 11 December 2016 (after 15 years). read more

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Steelworkers put motion into action
20 July 2016   Underlining the demands laid out in an unanimously accepted motion entitled ‘Our Future rests on European Steel’ at the industriAll Europe Congress in Madrid last month, steelworkers from industriAll Europe’s German affiliate IG Metall, gathered today in front of the European Commission headquarters in Brussels calling for a future for steel in Europe. The demands put forward included safeguarding employment that had come under massive pressure during the last years, increased investments, modernisation and fair trade conditions with other producing countries, notably China. read more

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Attacks in Nice
15 July 2016   IndustriAll Europe condemns the devastating terrorist attack that has led to 84 deaths on what should have been a day of celebration. IndustriAll European Trade Union expresses its heartfelt condolences to the families of those killed and its solidarity with the people of Nice and France. read more

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