European Agreement signed with GDF SUEZ on Well-being at Work
27 November 2014   The European Industry federations EPSU and IndustriAll Europe today signed a European agreement with GDF SUEZ on improving quality of life at work. Through this agreement, GDF SUEZ recognises that since men and women constitute the principal strategic resource of the company, the company must look after the “physical, mental and social well-being” of all its employees. read more

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Stop violence against women now!
27 November 2014   IndustriAll Europe marked this year’s International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women by a resolution calling for renewed efforts throughout the EU Member States to eradicate gender violence in all its forms and settings. It urged society to denounce and take effective action against all violence and harassment and protect women’s rights. IndustriAll Europe reconfirmed the trade union commitment to combat injustices in society and pursue the struggle for gender equality. read more

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New Automotive Policy Brief: Tough Times on the Assembly Lines
19 November 2014   The European automotive industry offers a job to 2.5 million workers. Together, they represent 8% of total value added in industry. Indirectly, the sector provides employment to 12 million workers. There are twice as many European exports of cars as there are imports, resulting in a trade surplus of €128bn. The European assembly plants produce 1 in every 3 cars worldwide. The sector is highly innovative and accounts for 20% of industrial research funding in Europe. Thanks to its long tradition and accumulated know-how, the automotive sector is a stronghold of European industry. The industry is world leader in terms of product innovation, flexible production (modular production systems), high-quality (premium) design, green engines and alternative powertrains, the management of complex value chains, etc. read more

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Norway: Coordinated Wage Bargaining and Workplace Level Co-determination
18 November 2014   The Norwegian model of social partnership has come under pressure in recent years. In particular, the trend towards smaller company sizes, more outsourcing and the use of sub-contractors and of temporary employment agencies as well as of cheaper labour from abroad has become more widespread, resulting in problems both of unionization and application of collective agreements. Since 2004 collective agreements have been generally applied in order to prevent social dumping in a number of industries with a high proportion of labour migrants. read more

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VASAS protest against austerity measures
18 November 2014   On 17 November, our Hungarian metalworkers’ affiliate VASAS staged a protest in front of the Parliament against government plans to raise the tax on fringe benefits from 35.7% to 51.17 % whilst lowering the maximum possible annual amount of such allowances paid by employers. Some 1,000 people took part in the demonstration, including our affiliates Miners’ and Energy Workers’ Union and the Chemical, Energy and General Workers’ Union. Parliament has now voted against the most unacceptable parts of the proposed austerity and tax proposals. read more

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