Stop precarious work – Global Action Day 7 October 2013

dinsdag 30 juli 2013   IndustriAll Europe continues to work tirelessly, together with IndustriALL Global Union, to campaign against precarious work on a European and global scale, a trend which shows no signs of decreasing. Therefore, in order to keep up the momentum of this campaign, industriAll Europe is now asking all of its affiliates to mobilise their members on the Global Action Day on 7 October, in conjunction with the World Day for Decent Work of 2013.

GLOBAL ACTION DAY on 7 October 2013 - Mobilising Globally to STOP Precarious Work

During its meeting in November 2012, the Executive Committee of industriAll European Trade Union agreed on the joint Common Demand "For more secure employment, against precarious work". Following on from this, we are continuing the campaign to stop precarious work – in close coordination and cooperation with IndustriALL Global Union – by once more asking all of our affiliated organsiations to mobilise their members on the Global Action Day on 7 October, in conjunction with the World Day for Decent Work of 2013.

Common Demand Stop Precarious employmentThis year, we also took the decision to use the same logo for this campaign on a worldwide scale, to increase the visibility and the success of the campaign. You can find and download this logo [here] and by double clicking on the 'STOP Precarious Work' logo or by following this [link].

Precarious employment continues to spread both in Europe and throughout the globe. Campaigning against precarious work is therefore of extreme importance and campaigning jointly and in solidarity can only serve to increase the effect of our actions further.

The campaign is, of course, not only oriented towards 7 October. It is and should be a main focal point for all trade unions throughout the year. To this end, we are also currently evaluating the results of the common demand so far and would like to ask all of our affiliate organisations to participate in this survey. We are planning to publish these results (of collective bargaining rounds, actions, manifestations, press events, ....) on the occasion of our 1st industriAll European Trade Union Collective Bargaining & Social Policy Conference Vienna 12‐13 June 2014.

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