The Road to Climate Neutrality 2050

...a project of the European Chemicals Sector Social Partners

This project aims to explore possible decarbonisation pathways for the chemical, pharmaceutical, rubber and plastics industries. It aims to set the conditions for the industrial transformation at an early stage and to do so as social partners. It contributes directly to the implementation of the European Green Deal as it focuses on the decarbonisation of industry, necessary to reach the goal of climate neutrality by 2050. The Communication on the Green Deal states that it is to put people first, pay attention to regions, industries and workers who will face the greatest challenges. The related industrial strategy encouraged sectors to devise their transformation strategies. The envisaged project will – on a small scale – do exactly that: devise a strategy on how social partners can shape the transformation and the impact on working conditions.

Based on desk research and expert interviews, industriAll Europe, ECEG and their respective member organisations will develop scenarios of pathways of decarbonising the chemical, pharmaceutical, plastics and rubber industries and their impact on labour (relations). A set of key topics for social partners will be identified and recommendations and tools developed to jointly tackle these topics.