Transport, the mobility of people and mobility of goods, is one of the essential services that make our society and our economy run. These services rely on strategic manufacturing industries in Europe. Mobility must be inclusive, accessible and affordable.

The climate emergency, as well as the health problems due to air and noise pollution, mean that a shift to sustainable mobility is inevitable and necessary for the 20 million workers in the mobility sector and their representatives.

Sustainable mobility needs workers: those developing, building, operating, and repairing the means to move people and goods. Altogether, the vehicles, vessels, trains, and planes, the infrastructure and the people building and moving them are part of our mobility ecosystem.

To ensure a fair and Just Transition for workers in Europe’s mobility industries, Europe must co-design the mobility industries and services of the future in an equitable manner.

IndustriAll Europe and the European Transport Workers’ Federation, recognise the need for the decarbonisation of the mobility sector and creating a more environmentally friendly mobility ecosystem. Through a series of concrete demands, developed through the first joint project between the 2 European trade union federations, it is aimed that policies will be rebalanced to take better account of the employment and social dimensions of the changes underway.

“We support the aims of the European Green Deal but insist that the transformation of our industries is fair and just. No worker, industry, or region should be left behind in the move to a more sustainable mobility ecosystem, everyone deserves to be heard!”

says Judith Kirton-Darling,  Acting Joint General Secretary of industriAll Europe.

“The shortage of workers and skills are affecting both transport and manufacturing with severe economic consequences and compromising the green transformation. The transformation to a sustainable and fair mobility ecosystem needs both a European transport policy, promoting a sustainable mobility revolution, as well as an ambitious European industrial policy which guarantee just transition and invest in workers.” 

says Sabine Trier, Deputy General Secretary of the European Transport Workers’ Federation.

IndustriAll Europe and the ETF commit to:

•    Jointly lobby the European institutions to ensure a comprehensive investment plan for a Just Transition in the mobility eco-system
•    Further develop our cooperation at sectoral level
•    Encourage our affiliates to increase their cooperation at national level

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