IndustriAll Europe shipbuilders from Spain, Belgium, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, France, Italy, Poland, Finland, Denmark and Germany met in Kiel on 28 and 29 November to call on politicians and companies for more commitment to good industrial jobs in the shipyard industry. 

The meeting was hosted by IG Metall Küste at thyssenkrupp Marine Systems' (tkMS) Oceanworld. Participants also visited the shipyard.

"Europe needs more shipbuilding, not less. The shipyards, with the first-class expertise of their employees and their innovative and increasingly climate-friendly ships and other products, are of strategic importance for energy supply, transport and security in Europe,

stressed Isabelle Barthès, Acting Joint General Secretary of industrial Europe.

European policy makers must take urgent action and adopt a forward-looking industrial investment plan that promotes a resilient, fair and sustainable future for European industry and our jobs. Failure to do so will not only undermine industrial fabric, but also European cohesion, with potentially devastating consequences.

“Good industrial relations are important to make the shipbuilding industry attractive, as the sector is struggling with a widespread skills shortage." Says Isabelle Barthès