ETUC and industriAll Europe are disappointed that the European Parliament adopted on 1 June the Act in Support of Ammunition Production without amendments. The regulation, as originally proposed, would allow the diversion of funds initially intended for cohesion and recovery towards the defence sector as well as encouraging the use of greater flexibility around working time rules. Trade unions express grave concern about the precedent that is being set.

ETUC Deputy General Secretary Isabelle Schöman said:

"Support for European industry should not come at the expense of the European social model: production in Europe must be in line with workers' right to rest breaks and social cohesion should not be undermined by diverting already scarce resources."

IndustriAll Europe Deputy General Secretary Isabelle Barthès said:

“This is a sad day for defence industry workers who face the risk of a deterioration of their working conditions. There is no justification for this, except the urge by some political forces to use the invasion of Ukraine as an opportunity to derogate of the working time regulations. Trade unions will relentlessly oppose any attempt to use the current situation to weaken workers’ rights and further deregulate."