IndustriAll Europe launches is first Diversity at the Workplace Award. The prize will be awarded every two years to recognise outstanding local initiatives in the field of equal opportunities.

The prize will be awarded for the first time in June 2023. Affiliates are invited to propose candidates. Initiatives taken or initiated by shop stewards or local trade union officers to combat discrimination and promote equal opportunities and inclusion in the workplace, e.g. training, company agreements, changes in work organisation, etc. are elegible. The winners will be invited to present their project at industriAll Europe’s mid-term conference in Thessaloniki on 31 May/1June 2023.

Call for applications

Applications can be submitted electronically to the industriAll Europe secretariat by the applicants themselves or via the affiliated trade unions. Submissions must include a description of the reasons for the initiative, the relevant actors, the planning and implementation processes and the results. It must not be longer than two pages. Applications should be submitted by end February 2023. The jury will take a decision in mid-March.

Award criteria

  • Impact: improving equity, diversity and inclusion, factual and cultural change – 30 points
  • Replicability: degree and ease with which the activities can be replicated, adapted or extended – 20 points
  • Novelty: degree to which one or more major elements are innovative – 10 points

IndustriAll Europe is committed to increasing equality in our organisation and on the shopfloor. Equality aspects feature in all our policies. However, the real work is done by local trade union officers and shop stewards.

Judith Kirton-Darling, industriAll Europe Deputy General Secretary:

“With this award for diversity initiatives at the workplace, we want to show our appreciation for all the good work done by our affiliates across Europe in the fight against discrimination - whether on the grounds of sex, race or ethnic origin, sexual orientation, disability, age or social background. It is to demonstrate our dedication to equal opportunities and diversity activities and to complement our pledges and positions, and to inspire each other further.”

Contact: Maike Niggemann (senior policy adviser)