The Brexit Vote
24 June 2016   The people of Britain have voted to leave the European Union (EU). IndustriAll Europe respect the Democratic process of the referendum. “We will cooperate with our British industrial trade unions to secure the future of British industry and its millions of workers and their families, so that workers will not pay the bill of this Brexit” declared Luc Triangle, industriAll Europe secretary general. The British people are not the only ones to be deeply disillusioned about the political direction taken by the European Union which has led to unemployment, cuts in social services, growing inequalities and attack on workers’ rights. It is about time to hear the call of the European people for a change of direction and for a more social Europe. read more

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Employers and Trade Unions united ‘Yes’ to UK in the European Union
22 June 2016   Britain plays a major role in the EU and exerts significant influence. The economic consequences of a potential Brexit would undoubtedly be bad for Britain. But the shock waves will be felt across the entire EU by companies and employees alike. Therefore, representing manufacturing industries across the EU, the European manufacturing employers represented in CEEMET and the European industrial workers trade union, industriAll Europe, believe Brexit would amount to a lose-lose situation for Europe. Re-erecting political borders and economic hurdles are not a solution to address the challenges that Europe, including the UK, face and eventually would be detrimental to the prosperity of both the UK and the EU. read more

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NEPSI 10th Anniversary Conference Declaration
16 June 2016   Together the NEPSI signatories envisage the future of the NEPSI Agreement to facilitate compliance with the upcoming EU regulatory measures on respirable crystalline silica dust generated by a work process. Today, on 16 June 2016, a Conference in Brussels has taken stock of the achievements of the “Social Dialogue Agreement on Workers' Health Protection through the Good Handling and Use of Crystalline Silica and Products Containing it" ten years after its signature. read more

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Equal treatment for equal work throughout the EU
16 June 2016   Today, together with our sister organisations, industriAll Europe was present in Luxembourg to support the revision of the EU Posting of Workers Directive. Over the last four years the number of posted workers increased by almost 40%, reaching 2 million in 2014 (according to the EC) and is still rising. “IndustriAll Europe strongly believes in labour mobility, but it has to happen in a fair way, with equal pay for equal work throughout the European Union”, stated Luis Angel Colunga, Deputy General Secretary of industriAll Europe. read more

Solidarity call for the inclusion of refugees
15 June 2016   As the European continent experiences the worst humanitarian crisis in its history, at its 2nd Congress industriAll Europe adopted a motion demanding from Europe a credible strategy and, above all, a show of solidarity for the inclusion of refugees. All industriAll Europe’s affiliated organisations and staff members in companies throughout Europe will demonstrate solidarity and shield refugees from all forms of prejudice and from greedy exploitation in the labour market leading to social dumping. Policies are crucially needed to help prevent escalating abuses of human rights. Todays’ societies have been built and established based on cultural and ethnic diversity, a heritage industriAll Europe intends to maintain. read more

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