European Steel Action Day - No Europe without Steel!
20 October 2016   On 9th November 2016, under the banner of industriAll Europe, over 10,000 steel workers from all across Europe will take to the streets in the EU quarter of Brussels to demand action to stop the continuous decline of their sector. Prior to the outbreak of the financial crisis, the steel industry was employing over 400,000 workers. This figure has now plummeted to an all-time low of just 330,000, with further uncertainties looming on the horizon. read more

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Joint support to the EESC’s call for a financial incentive to enhance sustainable ship recycling
20 October 2016   Today, the European Economic and Social Committee (EESC) adopted an own initiative opinion that calls on the European Commission to introduce an incentive that will “eliminate the abuses of irresponsible ship dismantling through a system which creates added value in an end-of-life ship”. SEA Europe, IndustriAll Europe and the NGO Shipbreaking Platform join the EESC in supporting an incentive that will make sure ships are recycled in a safe and environmentally sound manner. read more

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Say No to Dumping and Save Our Jobs in the Steel Industry!
19 October 2016   Prior to the EU Council of the 20-21 October 2016, industriAll Europe calls on EU heads of state to ‘Say No to Dumping and Save our Jobs in the steel industry’. The steel industry has always been a stronghold of the EU economy and currently accounts for 330,000 jobs within Europe. Furthermore, steel is also the backbone of numerous other sectors including the automotive, construction, electronics and renewables industries. The sector nurtures innovation, skills, investments, productivity and jobs in many of our supply chains. However, since 2008 the European steel industry has shed 80,000 workers, equating to one fifth of its total workforce. The major issues dogging the industry today have arisen from the financial crisis, global over capacities, and unfair trade practices. Furthermore, the glut of dumped and subsidised steel from China at prices set even lower than their own production costs and the resulting collapse of global steel prices, have together provoked capacity reductions and job losses. read more

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Support to workers on strike at Cem-Bialetti factory in Turkey
18 October 2016   Birleşik Metal-İş, our trade union affiliate which organises workers at Cem-Bialetti factory in Turkey on Monday 17th October declared the start of an indefinite strike following the failure of negotiations on the new labour agreement, including a wage increase. Cem-Bialetti is a kitchenware producer based in Kocaeli-Turkey. It is owned by the Bialetti group which is listed on the Italian stock exchange. IndustriAll European Trade Union stands in solidarity with Birleşik Metal-İş members in their strike action and supports their demands for decent wages and working conditions. read more

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Whistleblowers need EU protection – lives, environment and money at stake
17 October 2016   On 17 October a platform calling for EU-wide whistleblower protection is launched by the first 44 signatories of a joint statement. It will be open for additional organisations and individuals to sign after the launch. Following the before summer of the trade secrets directive and the LuxLeaks trial, the lack of protection of whistleblowers at EU-level has come into sharp focus. read more

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