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Action Day - 9 December - Belgium

    FUNERAL OF SOCIAL EUROPE – DEMONSTRATION MONDAY 9 DECEMBER BRUSSELS - 0830-1030 Justis Lipsius bldg, Loi 175, Brussels

    We are sad to announce that our beloved Social Europe has passed away. The proposed compromise concerning the Enforcement Directive that was in fact aimed to improve the 1996 Directive on the posting of workers lead directly to the death of our loved one. We invite you to assist at the funeral on Monday, 9 December 2013, in front of the Justus Lipsius Building, Rue de la Loi 175, Brussels, 08:45Hrs. [ ]

    Dear European Family,

    On 9 December 2013 the European Council of labour Ministers will discuss the enforcement Directive. Initially, this Directive aimed to improve the enforcement of the Posting Directive, which at the moment is being abused on a massive scale resulting in the social exploitation of thousands of migrant workers every day.

    Despite the noble intentions of the Enforcement Directive, the whole process has been high jacked by our politicians to reduce the national labour inspections. In addition to this the Ministers of labour are proposing extremely soft liability measures and no concrete sanctions. Finally, our national Ministers of labour are unable (or unwilling) firstly to resolve the precarious situation of the workers who are victims of fake posting and secondly to deal with the urgent problem of bogus self-employed workers.

    In the light of the upcoming European elections our Minsters are so desperate that they are ready to accept whatever political compromise in order to demonstrate that the “Social Europe” still exists.

    By doing so, our Labour Ministers are actually demonstrating that they are unable to respond to the loud voice of millions for a stronger Social Europe.

    We demand that our politicians take up their responsibility and respond to the needs of millions of citizens who are losing their faith in the EU, due to a lack of a social Europe.

    The European trade unions jointly reject the current enforcement proposal of the Council as it does not fulfill its original goals and merely serves political window dressing for a social Europe.


    • Funeral invitation in EN - DE, DK, ES, IT, NL, SV available upon request
    • EFBWW & FIEC letter to the National Ministers of Employment and Social Affairs [EN]
    • Stop Social Dumping - Alarm Action poster [EN]

Pictures [Brussels, 9 December 2013]


Action Day - 15 October - Luxembourg

    European trade union Alarm Action on the Enforcement Directive 15 October 2013 The proposed Enforcement Directive will have far-reaching repercussions for our labour market and for future control and inspection measures. As such, the ETUC and the European Trade Union Federations (ETUFs) have been keeping a close eye on the discussions and are in Luxembourg today to lobby the meeting of the European Council of Ministers of Employment and Labour (EPSCO), which is due to reach agreement on a compromise proposal on the Directive. [Read more]

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