European Mobilisation on ArcelorMittal

ArcelorMittal: successful mobilisation of the workers’ representatives

16 May 2013 in Brussels, drums and demonstrators 'welcomed' the participants in the high level European Business Summit (European employers’ organization for the whole industry), as well as, the employers’ representatives of the Steel Industry who attended the annual "European Steel Day" of Eurofer [read more], [pictures].

Continuation of the European mobilisation

As has already been announced, we believe that it is of utmost importance to continue with the European mobilisation until the Commission’s Action Plan for the European steel industry has been adopted. The preparatory group which met on 11th March is therefore already proposing several mobilisation “gatherings” :

  • 1 May, to coincide with Labour Day ;
  • 8 May, to coincide with the General Meeting of Shareholders
On 16th April, the participants of the follow-up meeting for the Mobilisation Day proposed the organisation of a rally to take place alongside the annual “European Steel Day” event which is organised by Eurofer, the European Steel Association. This day-long event, which will take place in Brussels on 16th May, will bring together almost 1,600 representatives of the steel industry and other related activities as well as a contingent of journalists. The Commission’s Action Plan for the European Steel Industry and the Roadmap for moving to a low-carbon economy in 2050 will be at the centre of the debate.

This rally is due to take place at Parc du Cinquantenaire in Brussels in front of the conference centre where the European Steel Day will be held. In a move to reinforce the European nature and symbolicism of this rally, we ask that every organisation be present and send a maximum of 5 representatives to participate in the rally.

European Action Day 4 April 2013

Reminder: the principal of a European action day is to mobilize and organise actions, in accordance with national traditions, on the same day in all sites and countries. These actions may take the form of 24-hour strikes, work stoppages, demonstrations, workers’ assemblies, etc. The aim of these actions is to highlight the European dimension of the day as well as the solidarity between the sites.



A joint flyer has been prepared for all the employees of ArcelorMittal and its sub-contractors. it features the logos of all the trade union organizations represented within ArcelorMittal. It is available in the three working languages of industriAll Europe (EN/FR/DE). These versions are modifiable so that affiliates can also have the flyer translated, if wished.

  • Flyer for print only [DE], [EN], [ES], [FR]
  • Flyer: Modifiable / blank version (available upon request)


In parallel to the mobililsation at all the locations, it has been decided to:

  • Make representation to national governments drawing attention to the situation at ArcelorMittal;
  • Make representation to the European Commission (action to be undertaken by industriAll Europe).
  • Hold a press conference in Brussels.


Other key mobilisation dates in the campaign include:

  • 1 May: May Day or Labour Day
  • 8 May: date of the Shareholders’ General Assembly
  • June: Adoption of the European Commission’s Action Plan for the European Steel Industry.


Further practical information will be made available on the above actions in due course.


Interactive map with industrial actions

View ArcelorMittal - Action Day - April 2013 in a larger map


industriAll European Trade Union participation in the European Mobilisation on ArcelorMittal

4 April

  • Dunkerque - ArcelorMittal
    industriAll Europe's DGS Bart Samyn, will participate in the industrial actions & activities at ArcelorMittal Dunkerque, on 4 April.



Affiliates' actions & press statements on the European Mobilisation on ArcelorMittal

4 April

  • Belgium - LBC-NVK / BBTK: ArcelorMittal Gent: At the entrance of the administration building was a manifestation of employees while distributing the European and a local pamphlet. We distributed also dry bread with a sticker "European solidarity necessary as daily bread". In different places in the plant, unions distributed the pamphlet while explaining the necessity of solidarity.

  • Belgium: ArcelorMittal Liège: Nous avons effectué 24h00 de grève "usine morte" et avons accueilli le 3/4/13, en soirée et jusqu'au 4/4/13 fin d'après midi, deux représentants espagnols (Javier Urbina et Alberto Villalta) ainsi que deux représentants allemands (Michael Breidback et Michael Ba). Nous avons visité le haut fourneau B et 2 lignes de galvanisation prévues d'être arrêtées, la G4 et G5. Nous les remercions de leur venue et les remercions également de leur solidarité.

  • Czech Republic - OS KOVO: ArcelorMittal Ostrava a.s.; ArcelorMittal Engineering Productts Ostrava s.r.o.; ArcelorMittal Energy Ostrava s.r.o.; ArcelorMittal Tubular Products Karviná a.s.; ArcelorMittal Distribution Solutions CZ s.r.o. On 4.4. there was workers assembly where the whole AM situation was discussed and common petition supporting the IndustriAll steps was adopted. More than 100 participants took part. Explanation campaigns were held also in other AM companies.

  • France - CFDT FGMM: ArcelorMittal, La CFDT s’inscrit dans la journée d’action initiée par IndustriAll Europe [FR]
  • France - CGT - FO Métaux - CFDT: Journée d’action européene [FR]

  • Germany - IG Metall: ArcelorMittal in Verantwortung. Soziale Sicherheit für die Menschen. [Bremen DE], [Eisenhüttenstadt DE], [Bottrop DE]

  • Germany - IG Metall: auf unserer Website ( findet ihr einen Video-Clip zum 4. April.

  • Italy - CISL: ArcelorMittal Action Day in Dąbrowa Górnicza
    • Giornata di mobilitazione Europea in ArcelorMittal [IT]
    • Conquiste del lavoro [IT]
    • Sel'acciaio cede il passo alla finanza [IT]

  • Poland - Solidarność: ArcelorMittal Action Day in Dąbrowa Górnicza
    • ArcelorMittal Poland (Dąbrowa Górnicza): trade unions organized picket against the loss of jobs and closure of production lines in Europe by the ArcelorMittal group. [EN]
    • Wezwanie do działania 4 kwietnia 2013. Do wszystkich pracowników ArcelorMittal i podwykonawców Europejskie [PL]
    • Petycja [PL]
    • Przyjdź, walcz o swoje prawa!!! Przeciwko likwidacji miejsc pracy i zamykaniu linii produkcyjnych. [PL]

  • Romania - Metarom / Cartel Alfa: ArcelorMittal Action Day
    • "Sindicatul Liber Petrotub Roman" este solidar cu actiunile organizate de federatia din metalurgia europeana. [RO]
    • Vrem viitor pentru Metalurgia Europeana [RO]
    • Tevarii au protestat [RO]

  • Spain - UGT MCA: ArcelorMittal Action Day in Asturias




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