Dates Committee/ Activity Place
11-13 May OZ KOVO Congress, Slovakia (TBA) 
15-17 May Youth Seminar, Bratislava  register
15-16 May SWP CPC, Brussels 
16 May SD Shipbuilding, TBA  register
23-24 May EU Project - Workshop on Collective Bargaining, Copenhagen 
30 May SSDC Chem WG2, Brussels 
31 May
1 Jun
Collective Bargaining & Social Policy SWP, TBC 
6 Jun Equal Opportunities Network, London  register
7-8 Jun Executive Committee, London  register
13-14 Jun Final conference Project Roadmap Chemical industry, Brussels  register
15-17 Jun OS KOVO Congress, Olomouc (Czech Republic) 
21 Jun SD Paper WG, Brussels (TBC) 
22 Jun MET Social Dialogue Committee - WG, Brussels 
23 Jun SD Electricity WG, Brussels (TBC) 
4 Jul SD Extractive Industries WG, Brussels (TBC) 
10-14 Sep Collective Bargaining & Social Policy Summer School, TBC 
13 Sep Energy Network, Brussels 
14-15 Sep SWP CPC, Brussels 
26 Sep Pharmaceutical network meeting, Brussels 
28 Sep Chemical network meeting, Brussels 
28-29 Sep Industrial Policy cmt, Brussels 
4-5 Oct Collective Bargaining cmt, Brussels 
5 Oct Defence ad hoc Workgroup, Brussels 
12 Oct SD Extractive Industries PL, Brussels (TBC) 
17 Oct ICT network, Brussels 
25 Oct Automotive Network, Brussels 
26-27 Oct Company Policy Committee, Frankfurt 
6 Nov SD Paper PL, Brussels (TBC) 
7 Nov SD Textile/Clothing - PL, Brussels (TBC) 
13-15 Nov BTUP Workshop: Exchanging Best Practices,  
15 Nov Mechanical Engineering Network, Brussels 
19-24 Nov FTM-CGT congress, France 
20 Nov SD Electricity PL, Brussels (TBC) 
5-6 Dec Collective Bargaining & Social Policy SWP, TBC 
5 Dec SD Tanning/Leather - PL, Brussels (TBC) 
6-7 Dec SWP CPC, Brussels 
7 Dec White Collar WG, Brussels 
8 Dec SSDC Chem Plenary, Brussels 
11 Dec Equal Opportunities WG, Brussels 
14 Dec MET Social Dialogue Committee - PL, Brussels 
15 Dec SD Footwear - PL, Brussels (TBC) 


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