Consultation REACH Review

Five years after the entry into force of the REACH regulation, the European Commission adopted the General Report on REACH also called the "REACH Review" on 5 February 2013. The purpose of this review is to assess the need to introduce changes in the REACH regulation, or not, in order to avoid any overlap with other EU legislation and to provide a first report on the lessons learned from the implementation of REACH.

As the voice of the European manufacturing workforce, representing millions of workers in the chemical sector as well as downstream users, industriAll Europe deems it necessary to express a strong opinion on the course set by the Commission in this Review. It therefore set up an expert working group in February 2013 which was tasked to help the Secretariat prepare the relevant draft document.

Please find enclosed the draft position on the REACH Review. We would be grateful to receive your amendments if any (no comments please) in EN/FR/DE no later than 7 May 2013 at the following e-mail addresses: and Please be aware that if you fail to reply by this deadline, the Secretariat of industriAll Europe will consider that you agree with the proposed text.

  • Draft position links [DE], [EN], [FR]

Should amendments be submitted, these will be forwarded to the SWP of the Industrial Policy Committee for guidance. Recommendations of the SWP on this subject will be communicated to the Industrial Policy Committee ahead of its meeting on 15-16 May 2013, where a discussion will take place and a final decision will be made.





  • Document in [EN], and available upon request in [BG], [CZ], [DA], [DE], [EL], [EN], [ES], [ET], [FI], [FR], [HR], [HU], [IT], [LT], [LV], [MT], [NL], [PL], [PT], [RO], [SK], [SL], [SV]

REACH 2013 - Call to action

Workersí reps in companies manufacturing, importing or using chemicals

  • Document in [EN], and available upon request in [BG], [CZ], [DA], [DE], [EL], [EN], [ES], [ET], [FI], [FR], [HU], [IT], [LT], [LV], [MT], [NL], [PL], [PT], [RO], [SK], [SL], [SV]
[ ECHA - European Chemicals Agency ]

Sylvain Lefebvre

Deputy General Secretary


  • Company Policy/ EWCs
  • Sector networks: Chemical, Pharmaceutical, Glass, TCLF, Energy
  • SD Chemical, SD Textiles & Clothing, SD Tanning & Leather, SD Footwear
  • CP database

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Yseult Lallemand

Policy Advisor

Management of

  • Sector networks: Chemical, Pharmaceutical, Glass
  • SD's: Internal coordination, Chemical, Nepsi
  • Topic: H&S
  • Own translations FR

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