Company Policy

Company policy focuses on drawing up policies and strategies co-ordinated at European level to ensure that employees and their representatives are better equipped to deal with the transnational strategies of multinational companies.

Information, consultation and participation rights are essential elements of any active worker representation policy in multinational companies. IndustriAll European Trade Union supports and coordinates the establishment and functioning of European Works Councils (EWCs). The European Company Statute is also of high importance since it provides an opportunity to strengthen participation rights in multinational companies.

Trade union coordinators for EWCs and SE Works Councils play an important role in accompanying and strengthening EWCs and SE WCs. Their aim is to improve the ability of the trade unions and EWCs to take effective action beyond national borders. For industriAll Europe, these coordinators are an essential lever for a successful company policy coordinated at European level.

Company policy focuses also on trade union coordination in multinational companies (especially in cases of transnational restructuring) aimed at fostering a mutual commitment to move together, build common strategies and decide on joint actions at European level. Trade union coordination meetings, EWCs and workers’ participation in SEs all have a crucial role to play in this coordination.

industriAll Europe gives high priority to the conclusion of European framework agreements at company level, based on a trade union mandate, which are aimed at upwards harmonization of working conditions and guaranteed fair solutions for all.

Finally, our company policy also coordinates action in cases of violation of workers’ rights or trade union rights in companies in Europe.

Contact persons

Deputy General Secretary:
Luc Triangle,
Tel. +32 2 226 0057

Senior Adviser:
Isabelle Barthès
Tel. + 32 2 226 0062

Project Officer:
Chantal Caron
Tel. + 32 2 226 0065

Valérie Fesland
Tel. + 32 2 226 0082

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