Collective Bargaining and Social Policy

Common Demand Stop Precarious employment IndustriAll Europe works towards a European coordinated collective bargaining policy in order to improve working and living conditions for its members in Europe. As a European industry federation, it is part of the process to create a more social Europe where there is room for a "genuine negotiation culture". Collective bargaining and social policy activities, as well as approved policy papers, covering a range of subjects from wages and working time to employment policies, social security issues, health and safety, etc., are prepared by the industriAll Europe Collective Bargaining & Social Policy Committee (CBSPC).

The further coordination of national collective bargaining policies includes the principle of European wide common demands taken up by all our affiliates in their collective bargaining rounds. Current common demands include the demand for an individual right to training guaranteed through collective agreements and the demand for more secure employment, against precarious work.

Our coordination approach is further implemented by regional networks in which observers participate in the collective bargaining negotiations in neighbouring countries.

As part of its work towards upwards harmonisation of working conditions, industriAll Europe also concludes European framework agreements (EFAs) at company level, based on a trade union mandate. EFAs are also important because of the relationship they establish with the existing national, regional and company-level agreements in the different countries.

The working structure of the Collective Bargaining and Social Policy field can be seen here.

The industriAll Europe Solidarity Pact, which ensures an effective system of cross-border trade union services for our members, is monitored by the CBSPC. Under the pact, our affiliate unions provide protection and support via information, advice and legal consultation and assistance to members of other affiliates working abroad. The Solidarity Pact, Guidelines and list of contact persons is to be found in the Members section of the website. (members only)

All industriAll Europe affiliates also participate in the Eucob@n Network.

Contact persons

Deputy General Secretary:
Bart Samyn,
Tel. +32 2 226 0069

Policy Advisers:
Sophie Jšnicke
Tel. + 32 2 226 0054
Erlend Hansen
Tel. + 32 2 226 0076
Linda Rackham
Tel. + 32 2 226 0068

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