E U C O B @ N

European Collective Bargaining Network

Eucob@n consists of two main elements; the annual survey and the day-to-day reporting system. It is now an integrated part of our homepages and not a separate website. You may choose from a menu of four subsections;

  1. Annual report
  2. European agreements
  3. National news (sent in by our affiliates)
  4. Special surveys (e.g. evaluation of the common demands)
  5. The collective bargaining calendar
  6. Contacts (list of coordinators in the different countries with contact details available for those who have logins to our home pages).
All news items which are submitted to Eucob@n will be publicised and the most interesting ones will be circulated to all coordinators via email. Because the new federation has close to 200 affiliates, we need to be a bit restrictive with the circulation of mass emails. The latest news can be found on the front page. If you want an update on developments in one specific country or the names of coordinators in a country, you can find this information by clicking on the relevant country on the interactive map of Europe.
Contact persons at industriAll Europe

Deputy General Secretary:
Bart Samyn,
Tel. +32 2 226 0069

Policy Advisers:
Sophie Jšnicke
Tel. + 32 2 226 0054
Erlend Hansen
Tel. + 32 2 226 0076
Contact persons at EFFAT

General Secretary:
Harald Wiedenhofer
Tel. +32 2 218 7730

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24 Jan SWP Industrial Policy
24 Jan Roadmap project Steering Group
industriAll Europe 
6 Feb SD Shipbuilding
7-8 Feb SWP Company Policy
9-10 Feb Collective Bargaining & Social Policy SWP
14 Feb Automotive SWP
15 Feb Task Force Building Trade Union Power
24 Feb SD Electricity WG
24 Feb SSDC Chem WG1
24 Feb Project CSR in the European Textile and Clothing Industry
28 Feb SD Extractive Industries WG
Brussels (TBC) 
7 Mar MET Social Dialogue Committee - WG
17 Mar SD Tanning/Leather - WG
Brussels (TBC) 
22 Mar ETUI/iAll Europe workshop Investment and labour strategies Chinese multinational companies
23-24 Mar Company Policy Committee
24 Mar SD Paper WG
Brussels (TBC) 
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